“Larkin was very instrumental in helping my business grow.”
Mateo Kehler,
Jasper Hill

The Moskowitz family has been importing Specialty Food since it was possible. Our tradition started with Ben Moskowitz and his company Walker Foods. Walker was a butter and egg distributor based out of Tribeca until Grandpa Ben pioneered products from Europe.

How did Larkin start? Just that… a lark. The year was 1978. Joe Moskowitz was a partner in his fathers company and was charged with the task of locating a new home base. Once Joe entered what is now Larkin, he felt he found a perfect location. But his partners scoffed at the idea of Long Island City and wanted to move their facility to New Jersey. Joe being a street kid from Brooklyn, he knew he was not moving to New Jersey. At a professional cross-road, Joe pondered his past and saw his future. “I will take it,” he told the real estate agent. The agent responded, “Great. Let’s go to paper. What’s your company name again?” Joe was thunder struck as he began to embark on the lark of his life. He said the first thing that came to mind, “Larkin.”