“Our success in the US would not have been possible without the partnership we enjoyed with Larkin for nearly 20 years now.”
Jason Hinds,
Neals Yard Dairy
The key to importing cheese is EuroLarkin.

A leader in reliable, cost-effective logistic solutions for suppliers, importers and distributors, Larkin provides our clients with the competitive edge they need to dominate their marketplace. At our core, we are a logistics system beginning with our company in Rungis, France called EuroLarkin. EuroLarkin is a refrigerated 20,000 sq foot facility staging our weekly consolidations bound for Larkn LIC in the United States.

Larkin LIC is a 40,000 square foot bonded, customs container freight station and licensed food storage warehouse where we deconsolidate, warehouse, cross dock and consolidate shipments. Through out every week, trucks leave Larkin LIC for every possible destination in the continental United States. In a nutshell, Larkin enables any export ready foodstuff from anywhere in Europe to be in a customer’s hands within 4 weeks. Minimum one pallet.