“In our business, it is not a matter of if a problem arises, it is a matter of when. Larkin’s team not only solve problems as they happen, they often solve them before they happen.”
Stephen Jones,
Somerdale International

Larkin is family owned and operated servicing the Specialty Food industry for over 30 years. We are masters at importing who believe the heart of a successful business is secure logistics. Too often companies entrust their logistics, and their product, to a faceless organization that does not care to understand the sensitive nature of perishable food.

At Larkin, our staff draws from over 150 years of shared importing experience in order to provide you with the personal level of service necessary to run a smooth, successful food business. Who are we kidding? The perishable food business is rarely a smooth business. This is why after 30 years we still thrive. Larkin strives when problems arise.